Chris has been Managing Director of Vehicle Components for 16 years.

His extensive experience in the UK automotive industry was an excellent foundation for taking over the business and leading it to become the success it is today. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Systems. Under his Direction the company has experienced steady growth and is now a major supplier and innovator to the RV and trailer industries. Soon after starting at VC in 1999 Chris instigated systems which lead the company to be the inaugural winner of the Gold Award for Quality. As recently as 2013 the Company became the first in its business category to achieve World Class Manufacturing Status and took out a Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Award for Innovation.

He enjoys the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of product development, design, manufacture and marketing.

Chris is an active and passionate member of the Board of the Caravan Industry Association Australia.


Past President, Society Of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Godfather of the Land Rover - more info


Michael has always enjoyed a keen interest in the manufacturing sector since commencing his career in 1986 as an Engineer/ Metal Machinist. He is one of the few people who is a true expert in manufacturing having worked on products that were used on the Stealth Bombers, Ferrari Formula 1 vehicles and for Lotus engineering to name but a few of the projects bearing his workmanship.

Michael has vast experience working on the latest CNC machines, manufacturing components in a range of sensor instruments whilst supporting high profile companies in the Motor sport/ Aerospace/ Defence and Sub-sea industries.

Moving to Australia in 2005 to take on the challenge at Vehicle Components, Michael has excelled and continues to drive high quality component production whilst reducing lead times and is focused on Continuous Improvement through his team in the factory. Michael gives 110% in all that he does and whilst most of us are still in bed, his input and supporting nature is well respected by engineering and sales alike.


Kierran as one of the longest serving employees and has for worked at VC for over 18 years. It is safe to say he has done every role in the business and been instrumental in our culture of Continuous Improvement. He has previously worked in the factory, sales, purchasing, and is currently the Service Manager where his extensive product knowledge and hands on approach continues to endear him to our customers and staff alike.

As an extremely customer focused manager he works with our customers to resolve their issues using his many years of experience to work through problems. He has developed an extensive knowledge of the industry and the parts that make up our components.

Prior to working at VC, Kierran enjoyed many years in the Defence Force which has instilled an incredible work ethic and discipline in him and enables him to perform many tasks often meeting tight deadlines. Kierran simply loves doing the right thing by customers and working with them to ensure their travels are stress free and easy.

Kierran offers incredible amounts of value to our business and works closely with the engineering team to implement practical solutions and product innovations. He is an integral part of our management team and our company a whole.

DEON VAN DEVENTER - Engineering manager

With a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Deon started his career in the automotive industry as an engineer with Toyota Manufacturing and gained valuable experience in lean manufacturing and other TPS systems including training at the prestigious Tahara plant in Japan.

He joined Vehicle Components in 2007 and has since been responsible for the day to day running of the engineering department. Deon is motivated by innovative design, creative application of engineering solutions and providing expert support for our customers.

When he is not out on RAT Runs or product testing he enjoys a bit of competitive cycling. He is currently completing a Masters Degree in Engineering Practice at the University of Southern Queensland.