Thinking of buying a caravan or trailer?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be well connected! When buying a caravan or camper trailer many people do not give much consideration to two very important items. The things that connect the van to the outside world. These products determine the ride and handling of the vehicle and so have significant safety implications.

What are these items? Suspensions and Couplings.

They help preserve your goods inside the vehicle and determine how the vehicle will tow. Easy towing means less fatigue and more confidence.

Vehicle Components specialises in these products.

Many camper and vehicle manufacturers choose to select this vital equipment purely on price.

If you want something a little better have a look at our Cruisemaster® Independent Suspensions and Hitchmaster® Couplings, all guaranteed for 2 years!

Please don't think that our products are only suitable for off road. Yes, they have been tested in the outback but the improved handling will also be beneficial on the bitumen. The 360 degree axial articulation of the Hitchmaster® DO35 coupling may well help you should you ever become a victim of a caravan roll-over.

The ease of coupling up with the Hitchmaster® DO35 will also put a smile on your face as the Vehicle Components handbrake is also engineered to give excellent feel and secure locking with it's car type action.

Did you know that some so called off-road couplings are not as strong as a 50mm ball coupling? This is due to a change in regulations and any coupling which passes ADR 62/02 does not have to meet as stringent a strength requirement as even a 50mm ball type. Although it is no longer a legal requirement Vehicle Components Hitchmaster® DO35 is tested to the older ADR62/01 standard which is much more stringent.

So please have a look at the products on this site and make sure you ask your dealer/manufacturer to have them fitted. Surely you deserve the best!