Why Choose Independent Suspensions

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Whilst the traditional leaf spring and beam axle might do the job, ride quality and handling can be compromised. A big difference with a CRUISEMASTER® independent suspension is that the spring medium (leaf, air or coil) does not hold the wheel in place. This means that if the spring media fails you do not lose the axle.

Secondly the spring is not locating the axle sideways so the forces going into the spring system are much more controlled.

From a ride and handling point of view unsprung weight is reduced and bump steer is minimized. Suspension geometry is optimized through the full travelrange.

In addition, the vehicle mass is interposed between the wheels so effects felt at one wheel do not get directly transferred to other wheels. This leads to a reduction in effects such as the sideways skipping of axles as they hit bumps.

As the spring is not locating the sideways loads it can be better designed to give the optimum ride quality.

All CRUISEMASTER® independent suspensions have toe-in and camber adjustment and are available with single or twin shock absorber options.

A number of brake options are available along with a range of wheel offsets and stud patterns. All systems are made to order and would normally have a two week turn around time.

Powder Coating of the arms is available in a variety of colours in either a standard or premium process. This option adds about a week to the scheduled build time. Where required a twin shock absorber option is also available.

These suspensions are rated at up to 2.5 tonnes single axle and 4.5 tonnes tandem. They are easy to fit and come complete with full instructions and a comprehensive owners manual.