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    Toughen up! with CRUISEMASTER® ATX – NEW Off-road Independent suspension system

    Vehicle Components is proud to announce CRUISEMASTER® ATX, the latest independent suspension system for off-road caravans and camper trailers. This is our toughest suspension in the CRUISEMASTER® range yet and will appeal to all enthusiasts and explorers who like to travel off the beaten track. It will perform best in the roughest and most rugged terrains while offering excellent protection.

    CRUISEMASTER® ATX suspension is unique in a few ways – it has an innovative single arm design allowing for better ground clearance and an option of interchangeable coil or air spring option depending on your driving style and terrain. Standard 12” electric drum or ventilated disc brakes have excellent stopping power to pull up your rig and 63mm stub axle with VC bearings will give you higher factor of safety on harsh off-road travels. Lockable toe and camber adjustment will provide a low maintenance advantage.

    CRUISEMASTER® ATX has an increased load capacity – up to 2800kgs so you can take what you want and not just what you need. You will be able to tackle any type of terrain with 140mm vertical wheel travel and 215mm (up to) ride height.

    CRUISEMASTER® ATX has been designed, tested and manufactured in Australia with 2 years manufacturer's warranty.


    NOTE: The Cruisemaster® ATX Suspension is a custom product and cannot be purchased online. To get a quote please complete the order form and we will provide you with a quote quickly.

    Order Form - Cruisemaster® ATX Order Form - Cruisemaster® ATX (1521 KB)

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    • 46mm monotube with piggyback reservoir shock absorber - Using off-road racing technology
    • Innovative single arm design - Allowing for improved centre ground clearance
    • Lockable camber & toe adjustment - Holds adjustment in rough conditions
    • Interchangable coil or air spring option - Choose a spring to suit your terrain and driving style
    • 12” electric drum or ventilated disc brakes - Excellent stopping power to pull up your rig
    • 63mm stub axle with VC bearings - Higher factor of safety for harsh off-road travels
    • Increased load capacity - Up to 2.8t single axle & 4.5T tandem axle - Take what you want, not just what you need
    • 140mm vertical wheel travel - Provides better support and stability

    POS - Cruisemaster® ATX POS - Cruisemaster® ATX (769 KB)

    "In 2011 I had the suspension of my Supreme Executive 1660 caravan changed from the Simplicity single axle suspension to the CRUISEMASTER® single axle system as I travel many 4WD tracks and a little bit of off-road (no tracks).

    The CRUISEMASTER® suspension not only improved the maximum axle load of my caravan from 2200Kg to 2600Kg but has also improved the ride and handling.

    I travelled the Buchanan Hwy through Top Springs in late 2015 and the caravan handled the corrugations extremely well. The only problem I had was the stove shook loose but did not fall out - it only had four short (12mm) self-tapping screws holding it in. I have since replaced them with 6 off 25mm self-tapping screws. I have also taken the caravan over the lighthouse hill at Archer Point (near Cooktown) whilst the track was very badly rutted and retrieved it in the rain with no problems except tearing off a rear stabiliser leg. The caravan also survived the "big bump" south of Cape Crawford (Borroloola) at 60 km/h.

    I have fitted 7.50R16LT truck tyres on Performance brand rims to ensure all load ratings are OK and to maximise clearance. - Deane Mundy"

    "I have had a couple of different trailing arm suspensions over the years, and also a suspension on a bigger off-road caravan, but don’t know what it is about your just feels so smooth, and when the going gets tough, it rides everything without stress and really looks after what’s on top."- Clint

     "The real reason for my email is to give feedback about the guys from your Servicing Department. What a pleasure it was to deal with them last Wednesday & you should be proud & thankfull to have such valuable & dedicated people working for your organisation. Servicing of the brakes was long overdue so it turned out to be a more complex job than a standard brake/bearing service. At all times Kieren & Kelvin clearly explained what was required to fix the faults & bring our rig back to good working order. The young fellow whose name I have forgotten was also very pleasant & helpful. When looking for a service providor who sells &/or uses quality materials & who employs people I feel confident in, whom I can trust & who have the skills & knowledge to do an excellent job. My impression is that Vehicle Components is one such organisation & again I would like to thank Kieren, Kelvin & the younger guy (sorry I forgot your name) for their professional attitude & excellent service delivery" - Greg & Diane

    "We would like to thank Vehicle Components for their excellent service and building such a great product. (Cruisemaster)" - Barry and Paulette Attwood

    "We have now completed 30,000 kms over conditions ranging from normal highway driving to outback roads and tracks. The suspension (Cruisemaster) has performed faultlessly under all conditions and is a pleasure to tow." - Peter and Anita Cooper

    "The stability and confidence attributed to the suspension (Cruisemaster) when driving really has to be experienced." - Ron Lett

    "After much deliberation I decided to cough up the $1500 to have a dexter sway control system supplied and installed by Vehicle Components. Spending that sort of money on something that you can't really see that just works in the background can be a tough call. On collecting the van out of hours I crawled under it to have a look at what I had paid for. I spent much longer under the van than I had intended, what I was looking at was an absolute work of art. The attention to detail and the care taken was most evident. Thank you Dean for your work and Kierran for your no nonsense approach over the phone." - Richard Murphy

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