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    CRUISEMASTER® CRS – Country Road Suspension is a lightweight, independent coil suspension suited for caravans, hybrids and camper trailers

    The CRUISEMASTER® CRS is the latest addition to the Vehicle Components range of independent suspension systems. It has been designed to give excellent ride characteristics utilising a design registered polyurethane bump stop which doubles as a spring locator and provides a secondary spring rate which comes into play under higher loads.

    Innovation Patent No. 2016101677 has been certified for CRUISEMASTER® CRS

    NOTE: The Cruisemaster® ATX Suspension is a custom product and cannot be purchased online. To get a quote please complete the order form and we will provide you with a quote quickly.

    Order Form - Cruisemaster® CRS Order Form - Cruisemaster® CRS (646 KB)

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    CRUISEMASTER® CRS has been designed to cope with bitumen and graded dirt roads. Corrugations can be tolerated for short distances. The simplicity of the design is a credit to the Design Engineers. The new lighter, yet stronger single arm suspension frame with Polyurethane low friction bushes is perfectly suited to this suspension system.

    CRUISEMASTER® CRS is available in a number of interchangeable spring configurations so that the suspension can be tuned to the trailer or caravans mass. Powder Coating of the arms is available in a variety of colours in either a standard or premium process. This option adds about a week to the scheduled build time. These suspensions are rated at up to 2300 Kgs ATM single axle and 3300 Kgs ATM tandem. They are easy to fit and come complete with full instructions and a comprehensive owners manual.

    Each year, Vehicle Components vigorously remote area test these suspension kits with highly sophisticated Motec Data logging technology such as temperature sensors, g-force sensors, height sensors & comprehensive GPS tracking software, This data is then thoroughly analysed to see if the suspension system can be improved in any areas, while also ensuring that the suspension systems are able to handle the roughest conditions and outperform the competition.

    Proudly designed, manufactured and tested in Australia by Vehicle Components.

    Axle ATM Shock Absorber Brakes
     Single Twin
    Single 1300kgs Standard Optional 10"
    1600kgs Standard Optional
    2000kgs N/A Standard 12"
    2300kgs N/A  Standard
    Tandem 2600kgs Standard Optional 10"  
    2900kgs Standard Optional
    3300kgs Standard Optional
    3500kgs N/A Standard 12"

    Order Form - Cruisemaster® CRS Order Form - Cruisemaster® CRS (646 KB)

    CIS 30 - CRUISEMASTER® CRS Coil Suspension CIS 30 - CRUISEMASTER® CRS Coil Suspension (503 KB)

    POS - Cruisemaster CRS POS - Cruisemaster CRS (695 KB)

    "Unbelievable! – I don’t know what else to say, it just tows beautifully. We have two little stuffed toys that sit on the bench and they used to get thrown around the van in the old caravan, with the new CRS suspension on this caravan they don’t even move – it is just wonderful!” - Alf Hinson

    "I have had a couple of different trailing arm suspensions over the years, and also a suspension on a bigger off-road caravan, but don’t know what it is about your just feels so smooth, and when the going gets tough, it rides everything without stress and really looks after what’s on top." - Clint

    "The real reason for my email is to give feedback about the guys from your Servicing Department. What a pleasure it was to deal with them last Wednesday & you should be proud & thankfull to have such valuable & dedicated people working for your organisation. Servicing of the brakes was long overdue so it turned out to be a more complex job than a standard brake/bearing service. At all times Kieren & Kelvin clearly explained what was required to fix the faults & bring our rig back to good working order. The young fellow whose name I have forgotten was also very pleasant & helpful. When looking for a service providor who sells &/or uses quality materials & who employs people I feel confident in, whom I can trust & who have the skills & knowledge to do an excellent job. My impression is that Vehicle Components is one such organisation & again I would like to thank Kieren, Kelvin & the younger guy (sorry I forgot your name) for their professional attitude & excellent service delivery" - Greg & Diane

    "We would like to thank Vehicle Components for their excellent service and building such a great product. (Cruisemaster)" - Barry and Paulette Attwood

    "We have now completed 30,000 kms over conditions ranging from normal highway driving to outback roads and tracks. The suspension (Cruisemaster) has performed faultlessly under all conditions and is a pleasure to tow." - Peter and Anita Cooper

    "The stability and confidence attributed to the suspension (Cruisemaster) when driving really has to be experienced." - Ron Lett

    "After much deliberation I decided to cough up the $1500 to have a dexter sway control system supplied and installed by Vehicle Components. Spending that sort of money on something that you can't really see that just works in the background can be a tough call. On collecting the van out of hours I crawled under it to have a look at what I had paid for. I spent much longer under the van than I had intended, what I was looking at was an absolute work of art. The attention to detail and the care taken was most evident. Thank you Dean for your work and Kierran for your no nonsense approach over the phone." - Richard Murphy

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