Our VC testing team has returned from their Big Lap, clocking almost 50,000 test kilometers in the last 12 months. The BIG LAP alone covered 20,000km, 5 states and one territory, 12 test drivers & co-drivers on rotating shift, 33 days or approximately 264 hours of driving, 22 flights in and out of cities all over Australia, using 4800 liters of diesel, and an undisclosed amount of beer and coffee.

We saw the big crocodile, big wheel barrow, big satellite dish, big lobster, big toad, the big whale, two big bananas and the big guitar. We used 1 fuel filter, wore out one tyre, damaged one intercooler and significantly, didn’t have any flat tyres.


The test trip was essentially a non-stop journey from start to finish, driving every day and weekend for 5 weeks in a row, often driving well into the night.

See our gallery of the places they visited.

Departing Arriving Total kms
Brisbane Rockhampton 667
Rockhampton Townsville 743
Townsville Cloncurry 785
Cloncurry Pamayu 896
Pamayu Nitmiluk 573
Nitmiluk Darwin 533
Darwin Katherine 317
Katherine Ord River 765
Ord River Broome 793
Broome Karratha 833
Karratha Hamelin Pool 847
Hamelin Pool Perth 698
Perth Walpole 416
Walpole Pink Lake 590
Pink Lake Eucla 914
Eucla Ceduna 492
Ceduna Adelaide 778
Adelaide Lake Hart 518
Lake Hart Erldunda 812
Erldunda Uluru 246
Uluru Coober Pedy 734
Coober Pedy Adelaide 751
Adelaide Portland 554
Portland Anglesea 334
Anglesea Melbourne 113
Melbourne Lakes Entrance 319
Lakes Entrance Wollongong 636
Wollongong Coffs Harbour 638
Coffs Harbour Brisbane 391