V3 Coupling

  • NEW HITCHMASTER® DO35 V3-I Coupling

    • $437.50
    NEW HITCHMASTER® DO35 V3-I Coupling

    As a result of our continuous product improvement policy we are delighted to showcase our newest product offering, the HITCHMASTER® DO35 V3 Coupling with integrated handbrake.

    Many of the team at Vehicle Components thought that the DO35 version 2 (DO35v2) was hard to beat, but once again the engineering team have proven why they are the best in the business. The new DO35 Version 3 (DO35v3) is the strongest coupling we have ever made; it even bent our test rig!

    As caravans get heavier and weight distribution systems more wide spread, we went back to basics to produce the DO35v3 that can handle it all.

    Forged steel, high quality polyurethane, laser cut stainless steel and precision casting has been brought together to increase the couplings strength yet also reduce weight. This updated DO35 is over 50% stronger than the outgoing model. These advanced processes have also allowed the elimination of hitch adaptors* allowing you to get on the road with less fuss.

    A challenging RAT Run to Cape York has shown that the new DO35v3 coupling can handle all that you can throw at it, but at its core it still retains the simple drop-on attachment method loved by travellers Australia wide.

    * Checked on HR Classic, HR Standard, Milford and EZ-lift

    • Forged yoke for increased strength
    • ‘Checklock’ cap system keeps dirt out of locking mechanism whilst giving a visual indication that the coupling is locked
    • Low profile bumper for better clearance
    • Taller, forged tow pin allows for fitment without weight distribution adaptors (also backward compatible)
    • Zn-Ni and e-coat finish for improved corrosion resistance
    • Machined base and bolt lands for consistent mounting and elimination of bending stresses
    • 360° rotation reduces roll-over risk
    • Greaseable bushes
    • 2 Stage ADR Compliant locking mechanism
    • Exceeds ADR 62/01 and 62/02 strength requirements
    • Quiet operation reduces stress and fatigue whilst towing
    • Completed over 45000km of testing including a Rat Run to Cape York
    • No tow ball height restrictions
    ARTICULATION: 360 degrees axial, minimum 70 degrees other axes.
    LOCKING: Fully ADR 62/02 compliant including automatic secondary lock
    FINISH: Supa Alloy 5
    BOLT PATTERN: 4 bolts at 185mm x 54mm
    RATING: 3.5 Tonne
    ACTION: Drop-On
    MAINTENANCE: Fully Greasable
    NEW FEATURES: New polyurethane bushed Tow Pin, Dustcap & Bumpstop. New Integrated Handbrake lever


    CIS 36 - Hitchmaster DO35 V3.pdf CIS 36 - Hitchmaster DO35 V3.pdf (921 KB)

    "We contacted you around 5 months back in relation to maintenance on a S2 DO35 that was about to be fitted to our Ultimate Camper. Well after 22,00km around the NT, Kimberley, outback WA, SW of WA and back across the Nullarbor we can say the hitch certainly is a huge improvement over the two other types we have used. It makes hitching up in rough and uneven terrain simple and safe as well as making off road towing and travel much easier with less mechanical demand on the ball and subsequently the rest of the car. All round a great product and one we have recommended to many other travellers over the last four months on the road. We have already specified this hitch for our new off road van." - Rob Ackland


    What a wonderful day it has been. This morning, I received a call from Mat at Vehicle Components, who enlightened me of your conversation concerning the Hitchmaster DO35 prize I won. I went to Geebung to meet Mat and Pat. They and the other staff have been absolutely marvellous. Pat supplied me with a company cap, several DVDs regarding their testing regime and topped it all off with a tour of the factory. I am mechanically-minded and really enjoyed the opportunity to see behind the scenes.  I am now the very proud owner of a Hitchmaster DO35. None of this would have been possible except for your very kind gesture, for which I am extremely grateful.I want to again thank Caravan World, plus the staff at Vehicle Components for everything that has been done. So ends a very memorable day. Thank you." - John Meiers (John was the ‘Tech Talk’ winner of a Vehicle Components Hitchmaster DO35 coupling in Caravan World 552)

    "Track Trailers have always been equipped with the best off road couplings of their era, but there is no doubt that the current Vehicle Components DO35 coupling is easier to use, more durable and the best performing coupling we have seen. We like it so much it is fitted standard to all our new production trailers and now we can offer to upgrade any earlier model coupling to the latest specification." - Outback HQ 

    "This van has circumnavigated Oz numerous times. l'm the second owner and l thought l should have the suspension checked out by the professionals at Vehicle Components. The guys performed minimum upgrades due to a great suspension fitted originally by them. l can't speak more highly of Kierran and his team, they kept me informed all the way through the work l would recommend him his team and Vehicle Components to any other caravan, camper or just a trailer owner that requires suspension work done on their pride and joy." - Glenn Watson

    "So some 12,000km later, and mostly on dirt roads, we can say we are still singing its praises. It’s clever, it’s fast, and uneven ground hitching is a breeze due to the cone entry and full 360 degree swivel…it just works!"- My Aussie Travel Guide. Read the full review of Hitchmaster DO35 V2-I in our news section

    "Hi, recently took delivery of our Jayco Starcraft 19' Outback. Can only fit ball coupling from Jayco. Shakedown trip, the noise and movement from coupling unbearable. Replaced hitch with DO35 V2 last week. Happy traveller!! Travelled 600km over last few days. Easy to hitch up, quiet on the road. "- David & Sue

    "I recently purchased the DO35 hitch to replace the AT35 on our 2007 19' Bushtracker. To date we have only hitched up a couple of times on level ground & with the car & caravan in line so that there was no tension in the caravan wheels & therefore no cross tension on the hitch. Both lining up the hitch & unhitching in these circumstances has been so much easier. Both my wife & I would like to say thanks for a job well done & making our caravanning experience so much more pleasant."- Greg & Diane

    "Hi VC, Just wanted to let you know about the DO35 V2 I’ve fitted to my camper trailer. This was an upgrade from the standard ball hitch. A friend of mine has the DO35 on his Lifestyle trailer and it was what convinced me to go for the new v2. We took our trailers to Cape York this year (we’ve been home a week!), they even got to be tested out on the Old Telegraph Track, being taken down the famous Gunshot and through Cockatoo creek. Both hitches performed flawlessly, with neither trailer ever getting into problems. The new DO35v2 has been getting plenty of people looking at it too, most if not all impressed with the new modifications you’ve made to it. As promised it is very easy to connect up to the trailer with this hitch, its certainly far easier than the old ball hitch! (Don’t think I’d ever go back to that!) Sometimes the cover over the hitch is a little fussy to lock down but at least you know that the hitch is on properly and that the cover is also! Anyway, just wanted to know about how happy I’ve been with the DO35v2. You’ve really nailed it! Now, I’m looking at how I can upgrade the trailer suspension! The Cruisemaster system is on the wish list!"- Tamsyne

    "Just before the trip we also had fitted a (Hitchmaster) DO 35 hitch - my wife and I are both sold on this hitch as significantly more user friendly than others we have used in the past" - Alan Grant

    "It is a pleasure to pick up the phone, explain what we need, receive good advice and prompt service. Your products are of the highest quality and we will continue to use them and refer clients." - Dave and Lyn Collins